All anyone needs to succeed is just a little support...


Assistance Dogs Unlimited, Inc. (ADU), is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to enriching the quality of life and increasing the independence of those with mobility impairments by means of specially- trained dogs.


To achieve this goal, ADU is committed to the highest of training standards , with an emphasis on providing clients with dogs that are both assistants and companions.


We believe that all anyone needs to succeed is just a little support, and our dogs are proof. All dogs trained by ADU are rescues, saved from euthanasia between the ages of 1 and 2, meaning that you are supporting them just as they are supporting you! This teamwork and companionship is the bedrock of ADU.


As an organization developed by the very community it serves, ADU has a unique understanding of client needs.


Navigating the road to service dog adoption can be difficult and stressful. We know-- we've been there!

Our founders developed ADU as a response to these unnecessary difficulties, providing an alternative path towards assistance dog training and adoption. So what is it that makes ADU different?

We coach our consumers in their own environment to limit unnecessary travel and the stressful experiences that can come with it. This also lets assistance dog teams come together in the environment they will eventually serve, ensuring a perfect fit. We train our dogs in real life situations with one-on-one guidance from our trainers -- and we take the time to do it right. As unique as our consumers, our dogs’ training is tailored to you and can be reviewed and adapted as needed with no rushing through the adjustment process.


Service dogs allow those who are physically challenged the opportunity to live independently; performing tasks such as retrieving dropped objects, opening doors, turning on lights, dialing 911 and other activities of daily living.

Capable of being trained for a variety of tasks, service dogs are just as unique as their owners and provide invaluable support and companionship for their people. For many, these canine assistants help bridge the gaps between other caregiver services, providing their owners with much-needed peace of mind. Many new owners find renewed confidence and a revived sense of adventure when they become a part of these dynamic duos.

In order to create this perfect match, ADU carefully selects each of its dogs to ensure compatibility of personality with the needs of the client. An assistance dog is not just fuzzy medical equipment, they're a teammate, a confidante and a close friend. The best matches have a deep connection that we work hard to foster in each of our clients. With trust, love and respect, we build a bond unique to each pair.

Assistance Dogs Unlimited, Inc. (ADU), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to enriching the quality of life and increasing the independence of those with mobility impairments by means of specially trained dogs.


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